Let Us Show You How To Reduce Your Operation's Costs.

New Orleans based, Additional Resources, Inc.specializes in Document Imaging Products, Scanning Services, Programming Services, Database Administration, and Record Storage. Our unlimited user Document Imaging Workflow Application allows our customers to avoid the expenses incurred with concurrent user products.

We provide scanning products and services outside of the New Orleans area as well. Additional Resources, Inc. (ARI)  aso offers free record storage to companies, within the continental U.S., that participate in one of our scanning programs. So even if you are under any type of budget restraints, we could possibly spread the cost over a term that could fit into your budget. Our Scan-On-Demand Service allows customer requests, for stored/warehoused records, to be scanned and delivered electronically, (anywhere in the world). This is a great benefit, especially  if you were participating in one of our free record storage programs. 

How much time do you spend per month looking for paper records? How much time do you spend per month searching for electronic files (that you don't remember the names of) through Windows Explorer? Multiply that by the number of employees in your company, and you’ll see just a fraction of how much time your office is wasting each month.

The benefits below are just a few ways to reduce your operations costs through Document Imaging:


Increase Efficiency

Employees can access files without leaving their desk.

Increase Office Space

You can store over 1,000,000 images, for under $100.00, in less space than you would allocate to store 3 CD’s.

Disaster Recovery

What records could you afford to lose in a fire or natural disaster? Since the cost of electronic storage is so low, you can create and store backups off site.

You can deny access rights to unauthorized users.
Multiple employees can access the same records at the same time.
Audits can be performed over the WAN or LAN versus making trips to remote offices.

Mailroom Services
Automate your mailroom to distribute mail electronically through Document Imaging.

And Much More...